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1st 4 Cleaner Carpets Warwick is specialised in steam carpet cleaning, using a top of the range extraction machine giving you brilliant cleaning and fast drying times.


The fibres in your carpets will also trap pollen and dust which is a breeding ground for dust mites.   You'll be amazed how much dirt and grime we can extract from even the cleanest looking carpets!!

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We dont cut corners..... we clean them

 This is the most successful method of deep cleaning your carpets, as it flushes pollutants and dirt from the  fibres of the carpet - Your carpet acts as a filter and will attract all manor of germs and grime that even the best vacuum cleaner will not be able to pick up.

Replacing your carpets after spillages and stains can prove very expensive.  At Cleaner Carpets we offer a reliable and professional carpet cleaning  service, that will leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling great!!